What price records can we break for you?

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you on the marketing of your important individual items and to add you to our large and ever growing list of satisfied repeat sellers. Our services are also available for the auctioning and marketing of entire collections as well as for estate planning and settlement purposes. We intentionally keep our auctions small in size, well focused and high in quality, which allows your items the opportunity to stand out and not get lost in a forest of competing items or tarnished by association with lots of common or lower grade items.

Each of the featured lots in our premier auctions include a full color, professionally produced photo and includes a detailed, accurate and well researched catalog description. Our catalogs are printed on state of the art equipment by an award winning printer and are sold below our production cost to encourage maximum circulation. Our client base of advanced collectors numbers in the thousands and includes not only the heavy hitters of the antique collecting world, but also includes well known names in the entertainment and business world as well as major corporations and museums. Our sales are strategically advertised and promoted, including the aggressive use of targeted direct mailings, through feature articles and press releases, over the Internet, and at major antique fairs and events throughout the country.

Our commission rates are extremely attractive and although we are very aggressive when it comes to the promotion and advertising of our auctions, you will find we are completely low key and no pressure when it comes to discussing your potential consignments. You can count on us to give you a straight answer and an honest opinion regarding your potential consignments. Past consignors have learned they can rely on us to under promise and over deliver. We don’t make exaggerated estimates or blue sky promises to lure you. We let our reputation for fair dealing, our history of delivering record setting prices, and the regular steady repeat business of our satisfied past consignors and their constant referrals do this job for us. All inquiries and dealings are held in the strictest of confidence. Please call or write before sending any items!

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